Richard Nickel Dangerous Years

What He Saw and What He Wrote

“This gorgeous and enlightening book of the righteous art of preservation speaks to the present and future as much as the past.”
— Donna Seaman, Booklist (Starred Review)

This breathtaking book is the closest you will ever come to knowing Richard Nickel.

Collected here are his own writings, many yellowed with age. Long letters and quick notes. Research and everyday communication. Letters of discovery and of despair. Typed, handwritten, and carbon copied. Some were never sent.

We are finally catching up to Richard Nickel. He took risks, spoke his mind, and championed an oversize cause. His rebellion against the shortsighted disregard of an American genius, the architect Louis Sullivan, appeals to a new generation interested in conservation—whether of old buildings or natural resources.

What he left behind—his letters and his photographs—still inspires people to stop and look. He is more relevant today than ever before.

By Richard Cahan and Michael Williams

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