The Gamble House: Building Paradise in California

Designed by Charles and Henry Greene in 1908, the Gamble House ranks high among the great works of architecture worldwide. Commissioned by heirs to the Procter & Gamble fortune, the house embodies not only the noblest aspirations of the Arts & Crafts movement but also the aspirations of Americans who seek to live in greater harmony with the land. It is the paramount collaboration between two of America’s most gifted architects and their astute patrons.

In the first publication about the house since its restoration in 2004, The Gamble House: Building Paradise in California documents the history, design, craftsmanship, and enduring aesthetic impact of this renowned cultural landmark. It takes a close look at the pull of paradise that was early-twentieth century California, and shows how the house fit into that paradise and helped define it.

Written by Edward Bosley, Anne Mallek, Ann Scheid, and Robert Winter.

Photographs by Alexander Vertikoff.

Published by The Gamble House/USC School of Architecture and CityFiles Press

  • Hardcover: 200 pages; 157gsm paper + flood varnish over 4c images
  • ISBN: 978-0692435205
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